SPECIAL REPORT: “Every Diabetes Drug Will Be Obsolete in 12 Months” Says Doctor, After Miracle Ingredient Discovered in Sri Lankan Jungle

(Every tribe member who eats this ingredient said to become ‘immune’ to diabetes)

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By: Lucy Franklin
Posted: Thursday, April 20th 2017

“A patient of mine who had been diabetic for 12 years, with blood glucose readings regularly off the charts”, says Dr Wetherby, “booked an appointment out of the blue to come and see me.”

“She said she had some information that I needed to know.”

“The moment I saw her, my jaw almost hit the floor”, continued Dr Wetherby.“It turned out she’d lost 26 lbs since I last saw her just 37 days before. But more amazingly, after I took some tests I found that her fasting blood sugar, pre-meal and postprandial sugars had all been slashed dramatically, all the way down to healthy, non-diabetic levels.”

“In fact, over the next week I tested her repeatedly because I didn’t believe the results. But every time, they came back the same.”

“She was no longer diabetic.”

“So how did it happen?” I ask Dr Wetherby, desperate to know the secret that appeared to be able to reverse a chronic and supposedly incurable case of type 2 diabetes, where meds had failed for more than a decade.

“Well, this is where things get really weird”, replies Dr Wetherby, as she shuffles in his seat and leans forward.

“She said she’d seen a viral video that talked about a small, remote tribe in Sri Lanka, who ate an unusual ingredient every day that apparently made them ‘immune’ to diabetes.”

“Did you believe her?” I ask.

“No, I thought it was ridiculous. But then I looked into it myself. And it turns out it’s 100% true. This tribe have literally zero recorded cases of diabetes!”

“I’ve been recommending this natural treatment ever since to all of my patients, and the results have been remarkable.”

Then Dr Wetherby’s eyes open wide like an owl, and with an excited smile he says: “I predict that every diabetes drug will be obsolete within the next 12 months because of this.”

After watching the video myself, it’s hard to disagree with such ahuge statement.

In fact, THIS Sri Lankan ‘tribal trick’ has reportedly helped 37,838 people to reverse their type 2 diabetes already, without a single pill or injection in sight – and Big Pharma are trying every trick in the book to shut this site down.

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