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I just assumed the Vedda Blood Sugar Protocol was a diet like the rest of them in circulation. I was very skeptical about even had all doubts you could possibly have. That the program wouldn’t really work. I was very depressed and worried about my weight. I couldn’t sleep very well, regular food didn’t taste good, and my nerves were really bad.

After reading everything published about the program, I had to at least try it. I really didn’t have anything to lose. My blood sugar was at 400 and high 300s. It’s now dropped to 200 and even 185. My doctors thought they were going to have to raise my Lantus levels and my trulicity levels. I told them I was on a special diet. I’ve also lost 15 pounds as of yesterday’s visit to the doctor. She’s very pleased and so am I. I have more energy, I sleep better and longer, and I’m not as fatigued and restless as before.

I’m doing better than I have for over a year. I was always sick. I’m not going through that now. I feel great. Now my blood sugar has dropped over 200 points and going lower each day. I thought diabetes was going to take over my life, but being on your program has changed everything within me.

Jennifer Fite - Age 61 - Granite City, IL

Just managing my diabetes seemed silly to me if there was a cure. My health was poor and my life was uninspired. I wasn’t sure that the Vedda Blood Sugar Protocol would replace my diabetes medicine, but I tried it. Now, I have no high blood sugar spikes and instead have consistent, normal blood sugar levels (i.e.120 or below).

Chris Rubio - Age 47 - Slidell, LA

Before trying the Vedda Blood Sugar Protocol, I was suffering with a persistent cough. It was frustrating! I had doubts about whether it would help me to feel better. I didn’t know if I had too much fat.

I read other articles on this subject and was convinced that it was worth a try and it made a difference. Since trying the protocol, I can fit into clothes comfortably and I don't feel hungry or crave sugar. I lost weight and stopped coughing, which has been a real issue to me.

I am eating foods I love. Foods that suit me. The best thing about this program for is the weight it’s helped me lose, feeling better about myself, and stopping my cough.

Amanda White - 51 - Hampshire, United Kingdom

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